Project Description

Holiday Inn Express

Land Development Civil Engineering
  • LOCATION: Chesterfield, MO

  • CLIENT: RLP Development

TWM offers land development civil engineering services to diverse commercial developments such as the Holiday Inn Express. This hotel sits in a low-lying, levee-protected area in the Missouri River bottoms. As such, site design must minimize off-site runoff to avoid over-taxing the region’s stormwater pumps and to prevent hazardous localized flooding inside the levee walls. TWM designed porous pavement and sand infiltration trenches to allow for maximum on-site groundwater recharging. By utilizing the area’s sandy soil composition, these low-impact development measures will be able to retain 90% of daily rainfall events entirely on-site. In addition to design calculations, SWMM modeling, and plan drawings, TWM also prepared operation and maintenance guides for the client’s future needs.

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