Project Description

Land Surveying for Fiber Optic Expansion

Land Surveying for Fiber Optic Expansion
  • LOCATION: IL Route 3 in Waterloo, IL

  • CLIENT: Harrisonville Telephone Company


Land Surveying Services for Fiber Optic Expansion was performed by TWM for Harrisonville Telephone Company. We were tasked with staking nearly 2 miles of existing utility easements and road right-of-way for a new fiber optic line along Illinois Route 3 on the south side of Waterloo. The easement / route survey crossed 9 parcels of lands and involved the resolution of 3 different sets of right-of-way plats that had been created over a span of 70 years.

TWM worked closely with Harrisonville Telephone Company’s engineers and right-of-way agent to ensure that the final product delivered was exactly what they needed, when they needed it.  Upon review of the existing easement documents, TWM identified several areas of concern and brought them to HTC’s attention.  Keeping this client’s best interest at the forefront potentially saved them from unnecessary expense and future ramifications.

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