Project Description

New Poag Road Student Housing

New Poag - TWM, Inc.
  • LOCATION: Edwardsville, IL

  • CLIENT: Richland Residential Inc.

Project Description:

The New Poag Road Student Housing is a residential site in Edwardsville just outside the Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville Campus. The proposed development at full build-out is anticipated to consist of Class A student housing. Ingress to and egress from the proposed development is being sought through the construction of a full-access entrance along New Poag Road approximately 1,000 north of the intersection of New Poag Road with NW University Drive/Puma Blvd.  The project includes widening New Poag Road to establish a northbound left-turn lane.

Scope of Work:

TWM worked with Madison County on behalf of the developer to coordinate access for the student housing development. TWM completed a traffic impact study for the proposed entrance along New Poag Road. Engineers analyzed the traffic impacts of the proposed development to the adjacent roadway, including the need for the construction of a left-turn and right-turn lane and traffic signals at the entrance location, as may be warranted to accommodate the traffic generated by the new development. This study also analyzes the operating levels of service of the proposed intersection created by the entrance with the adjacent roadway.

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