Project Description

Poplar Street Roadway Reconstruction

Civil Engineering for Pavement Management - TWM, Inc.
  • LOCATION: Mascoutah, IL

  • CLIENT: City of Mascoutah, IL


Road engineering design services were provided by TWM using 100% local funds. The City of Mascoutah hired TWM to design the reconstruction of 0.3 miles of Poplar, from 6th Street to 10th Street.  The existing high-crown oil and chip roadway was replaced with new HMA pavement, V-gutter, and a 5’ sidewalk along one side. Drainage was particularly difficult due to extremely flat terrain, and shallow drainage outlet points, which TWM addressed through a combination of open ditches, swales and enclosed storm sewers. Other responsibilities included coordination of utilities; public meetings; preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates; and preparation of land negotiation documents.

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