Project Description

Weinel Hills Sanitary Sewer Design

Weinel Hills Sanitary Sewer Design
  • LOCATION: Caseyville Township

  • CLIENT: Caseyville Township

  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $6,129,374

TWM’s Sanitary Sewer System Design for Weinel Hills had a positive impact on the community. Due to the difficulty of installing a sewer on this hilly terrain surrounding a lake, the homes in this subdivision had all used privately-owned aeration and septic systems. The water quality of the lake had been negatively impacted by seepage from these systems, so the Township’s Sewer District hired TWM to design a sewer system to replace all the private systems. The design included a combination of gravity sewers, low pressure sewers, grinder pumps, and seven lift stations to service the 323 homes. Special consideration was given during design to ensure proper access and aesthetic concerns were addressed. TWM also provided an extensive GIS database with multiple feature classes in the sanitary sewer network as well as a map with hyperlinked video data.

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