Project Description

St. Clair County Transit District Structure Inspections

  • LOCATION: St. Clair County, IL – various cities and locations

  • CLIENT: St. Clair County Transit District

TWM has been inspecting all of SCCTD’s bridges, culverts and retaining walls since 2012.  Their inventory now includes 43 structures, which are inspected at different intervals depending on age and type of structure. Structure types include: steel girders, trusses, culverts, tunnels, boardwalks, and retaining walls.

  • TWM provides recommendations for safety inspections of pedestrian bridges, culverts, and retaining walls
  • TWM’s team created a system that follows the NBIS guidelines and condition rating system
  • Since there are no mandated inspection frequencies, it is possible to inspect groups of structures that are near one another or on the same trail to increase inspection efficiency and flexibility.
  • Goals were to make maintenance easy and to develop a way for them to accurately forecast a budget for the maintenance, repair, and/or replacement of structures. TWM successfully achieved all these goals for SCCTD.
  • Since TWM currently performs these inspections for SCCTD, it requires little effort or coordination on their part to have routine inspections conducted for the pedestrian structures in their inventory.

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