Project Description

Temporary Soil Retention Systems

TWM has designed numerous Temporary Soil Retention Systems consisting of cantilevered sheet pile, tied-back sheet pile, soldier piles with lagging, braced excavations, cofferdams and bore pits.  Two such projects are detailed below.

America’s Central Port

TWM designed a braced excavation for construction of rail and truck unloading pits in the Mississippi River bottom.  Sheet pile and wales were designed for large hydrostatic forces due to the presence of high groundwater.  Complex backfilling and staging sequencing was required to prevent buoyancy of the partially constructed concrete pits.

I-74 over Jefferson St. in Morton, IL

TWM prepared an intricate soil retention system for the Jefferson Street bridge and MSE wall. The system consisted of three levels of helical anchors and heavily skewed tie back rods to sheet pile deadmen.  Poor soils were present at the excavation line.  The retained height of the system was 25’.

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  • LOCATION: America’s Central Port and I-74 over Jefferson St. in Morton, IL

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