Project Description

Troy Water Tower Elevation

Troy Water Tower Elevation
  • LOCATION: Troy, IL

  • CLIENT: City of Troy, IL

  • QUICK FACT: TWM’s Solution Saved The City $420,000

TWM’s water storage tank rehabilitation services included civil and structural engineering to revamp this existing 0.5-million gallon elevated water tower in Troy.  Original designs placed the tower too low to provide adequate pressure for the rapidly growing city. While standard engineering practices might have simply replaced the inadequate tower, TWM engineers came up with a more innovative approach—raising the 500,000-gallon water tower 35’ to accommodate a new, higher support system, thereby increasing water pressure to residents.  The innovative solution by TWM engineers saved the City $420,000 and minimized service disruption. The tower was back in working order in two days.

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Troy Water Tower Elevation

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