TWM was tasked with 3D scanning existing conditions of a compressor room at the former Mitsubishi plant to be updated for new tenant Rivian to manufacture electric vehicles. All old equipment was torn out and left with key tie-in points to be reused. New piping design around existing steel structures for compressors, dehydrators, and weld water systems were included.

Construction plans were created for client to prefabricate elaborate sections of pipe runs and spools to truck to site and bolt in place with no field welds necessary. TWM was provided with 2D PDF’s and hand drawn sketches of a proposed system that needed to be modeled and modified to fit in existing space. Our team was able to recreate all systems in a 3D real life environment to be constructed.

Scope of Work

  • 3D modeling

  • Terrestrial laser scanning

  • Pipe design

  • Over 3,500 linear feet of new piping was designed and installed


Rivian Manfacturing


Bloomington, IL


  • 10,000 square foot room with 30 foot tall ceilings
  • Systems included pipes and fitting ranging from 1 to 16″


3D Laser Scanning
Terrestrial LiDAR