The existing Rock Island Trail within Pleasant Hill, MO has a spur off the main trail alignment that routes users around the existing Union Pacific railroad for safety purposes. This route is a discontinuation of the trail and is a cumbersome route for users. TWM’s trail extension design puts users directly back on the rail bed (historic rail alignment) as originally envisioned and includes a 5-span, 110’ pedestrian truss bridge.

The overall length of the project is 1,400’ and will consist of a new crushed / compacted gravel trail. TWM has prepared final engineering plans, specifications, and estimates as well as hydraulic analysis for stormwater. Coordinated with Union Pacific Railroad and conducted aerial LiDAR for the topographic survey.

Scope of Work

  • Connection of missing gap between Rock Island Trails – from Pleasant Hill Trailhead to the Katy Trail


Missouri State Parks


Pleasant Hill, MO


  • Pedestrian bridge over existing railroad
  • Wetland delineation and mitigation