TWM led the design efforts to implement the City of Brentwood’s vision of a renewed Manchester Road through the city limits as part of the Brentwood Bound project. The goal of Brentwood Bound is to overcome the long-term challenges of flooding and aged infrastructure to create an opportunity for park and recreational spaces to be enjoyed by Brentwood residents. Key improvements included an arched pedestrian tunnel, realigning Mary and Dorothy Avenue, raising Manchester Road to accommodate the tunnel, adding 1000’ of shared use path to connect Rogers Parkway to a future GRG Deer Creek Connector path, and beautifying the corridor with landscaping and wayfinding/branding signs.

Two shared-use paths were designed to maximize non-motorized mobility through the corridor – a 1.25 mile-long 10’ wide shared-use path on the south side on Route 100 throughout the city limits of Brentwood running east-west, and a north-south 12’ wide shared-use path connecting Rogers Parkway to Deer Creek Greenway via a pedestrian underpass under Route 100.

Roadway improvements include raising Route 100 up 5’ to accommodate the pedestrian underpass, rebuilding 750’ of mainline pavement, and providing layout and specifications for precast concrete modular black retaining walls to tie the underpass into the surrounding area. Other improvements in the area include realignment of Dorothy Avenue, addition of safety devices such as guardrail and concrete barrier wall, stormwater drainage upgrades, wayfinding signage and landscaping elements, and striping upgrades.

Our team partnered with sub-consultants Arcturis and PDS to design the layout of streetscape elements including trees, landscaping, wayfinding signs, and placemaking features to denote travel through the City. TWM successfully obtained a Cost Share Grant from MoDOT and secured STP grant funding from East-West Gateway to help fund the slate of enhancements.

The project is currently under construction and approximately 50% complete as of October 2022. Project goals of creating enjoyable recreational spaces for residents and increasing connectivity for non-motorized transportation is on target to be achieved with the construction of project scope.

  • Presented design updates at seven public meetings
  • Extensive utility coordination as part of the underpass design
  • Coordination with multiple agencies adjacent to the project

Scope of Work

  • Design and review included sidewalks, ADA ramps, and lighting

  • Streetscape design enhanced downtown business climate


City of Brentwood, MO


Manchester Road, MO


  • Pedestrian underpass and shared-use paths improve pedestrian facility access and promote travel
  • Safety elements provide safe crossing for pedestrians