Accurate engineered layout is crucial for any construction project to be a success. TWM uses state-of-the-art robotic total stations, 3D laser scanners, and digital levels. These technologies paired with our diverse construction experience ensures our clients’ projects are completed on schedule and within budget.


TWM’s licensed survey professionals provide Engineered Layout services for a wide variety of projects and clients. Whether you’re spanning a new bridge across the Mississippi River, installing a gas transmission main from one state border to the next, or constructing a high-rise apartment complex in a major metropolitan city, TWM has the know-how and expertise to provide you with a reliable and accurate layout for even the most complex construction projects.


We can document this information for your records before, during, or after construction. As-built surveying services can be as detailed as needed.


UAV Data Collection

We can take aerial photos via UAV or ground-based photos to capture a snapshot in time for as-built requirements. Recorded data is then uploaded to a GIS database for easy access and organization.

UAV Data Collection

3D Laser Scanning

TWM uses a 3D scanner that collects millions of data points. We convert this dense-rich data into a point cloud to create a CAD format drawing.

3D Laser Scanning

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Our Work & Projects

Explore some of TWM’s land surveying projects that demonstrate our design expertise, technical knowledge, and comprehensive range of capabilities.

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Construction Layout: We Deliver Customized Plans for Facility Layout & Design

Our team analyzes construction plans to ensure a project is built according to engineering and/or architectural design plans and marks the location of proposed new structures such as roads, buildings, slab edges, elevator openings, or structural columns. Whether the plans are in a 3D model or on traditional 2D plans, TWM will interpret the information and accurately place it on the ground, in a building, or on an elevated structure so construction can commence on schedule, on budget, and as intended.

  • Create two- or three-dimensional component drawings of an entire project or a specific area

  • Work from existing drawings or create new layouts catered to specifications

  • Drawings can be assembled to include erection sheets

  • Layouts can be altered to include or support needed equipment, architectural key points, and storage or process supply points


  • As-builts

  • Footings, foundations, and stem walls

  • Steel erection

  • Superstructure – concrete cores and slabs

  • Superstructure – precast concrete and steel fabricators

  • Curb and gutter

  • Storm structures and sanitary sewer structures

  • Roadways

  • Horizontal and vertical control


TWM separates itself from the competition by using state-of-the-art technology for data collection. Besides traditional surveying methods, we own, operate, and test reality capture tools daily, including UAVs, mobile/terrestrial LiDAR units, and the accompanying software.

We have the resources to provide multiple, fully-equipped survey crews matched to a project’s needs. Our expertise includes boundary, ALTA, right-of-way, construction, and engineering surveys.

This reality capture data tool uses an advanced high definition laser scanner to collect millions of data points in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.

An innovative mapping solution, this reality capture technology completes data collection five times faster by collecting survey-quality point data measurements, simply by walking or driving at highway speeds.

UAVs are equipped with sensors and cameras for scanning data. Our drone team, who are licensed remote pilots, gather this visual data of job sites to create accurate 3D models for planning and design.

For water dependent projects, TWM offers a highly skilled team of professionals who measure and map water bodies and shorelines to capture full coverage and data.

Combining visual features with supporting databases, this digital mapping method is used to maintain utilities, monitor transportation conditions, and other activities.

TWM employs various detecting equipment to survey and map underground utilities and log utility depth and offset. Data is easily exportable to GIS, CAD, and other applications.


That’s our company mission and our promise to you. Our success is built upon a solid reputation for getting the job done right. One thing we are particularly proud of is approximately 95% of TWM’s work comes from repeat business. We believe our resolution of challenges sets us apart, and based on our level of repeat business, we think our clients will agree.