TWM separates itself from the competition by using state-of-the-art technology for data collection. In addition to traditional surveying methods, we own, operate, and test reality capture tools daily, including mobile, terrestrial, and aerial LiDAR units, UAVs for photogrammetry, and all of the accompanying software that’s needed for the various tools.


Transform Your Next Project with Reality Capture Technology

Innovate. Improve. Invest. Reality capture is a game changer and digitally captures real world elements! Depending on various aspects of your project, such as size, accuracy, and environmental conditions, TWM has the resources to collect highly detailed site conditions and capture data on almost any project. Our firm uses state-of-the-art equipment, including high-definition 3D laser scanners for precision data that’s ideal for tight or confined interior spaces, mobile LiDAR to collect data at highway speeds, and UAVs for aerial LiDAR photogrammetry/imaging. By utilizing this technology, TWM can help design professionals save time, increase revenue, minimize risk, and correct conflicts prior to construction.

The measurement data from reality capture tools is used to support real-time decision-making, which can help keep a project on time and within budget. Precise measurements and calculations for design, planning, or analysis can be available at your fingertips and ready for export to numerous platforms. All our crews can collect data with one of our 25+/- GPS and robotic total stations, our terrestrial scanners, or our mobile LiDAR sensor. Moreover, numerous survey crew chiefs have their FAA Part 107 certification for capturing data with TWM’s UAV (drone) aircrafts.


As a full-service engineering consultant, we put our focus on five key disciplines – Transportation, Structural, Land Development, Water Infrastructure, and Survey/Geospatial – to deliver cost-effective solutions. With our depth of capabilities, we can provide a broad range of design projects and related services.

Our transportation group focuses on the movement of people and goods – providing safe, convenient, and economical solutions for roads, trails, and traffic management.

Our structural group delivers innovative roadway and pedestrian bridge designs and associated structures that are cost-effective, safe, easily constructible, and durable.

Our land development group provides complete civil engineering services for commercial and residential sites, from conceptual plans to project approval and construction.

Our water infrastructure group is devoted to the protection of our waters, environmental responsibilities, and designing innovative wastewater facilities.

We use specialized inspection tools that accurately evaluate and rank pavement to forecast both short- and long-term budgets.

From start to finish, our engineers work throughout the entire process to simplify and streamline the approach on design-build projects that blend form with function.

Our construction engineering staff ensure that engineering design skills are effectively translated into the actual construction of the project.

We provide robotic video inspections, flow monitoring, sewer testing for new construction, and push camera inspections for any size project.


Over the years, TWM and the firm’s work have been recognized as exemplary on local, state, and national levels. Below is a partial list of recent honors.

  • 2024 ACEC Missouri Merit Award | Transportation
    Missouri Route 100 Rehabilitation | St. Louis, MO

  • 2020 ACEC Merit Award | Transportation
    IL River Bridge District | East St. Louis, IL

  • 2019 ACEC Merit Award | Waste & Stormwater
    South Side Park Lift Station and Relief Sewers | Belleville, IL

  • 2016 ACEC Honor Award & National Recognition Award | Transportation
    First IL Diverging Diamond Interchange | Marion, IL

  • 2015 ACEC Honor Award & National Recognition Award | Waste & Stormwater
    Water Treatment Facility Expansion | Belleville, IL

  • 2012 ACEC Merit Award | Structural Systems
    MetroBikeLink Signature Bridge | Swansea, IL

  • 2011 ACEC Honor Award & National Recognition Award | Surveying & Mapping Technology
    3D Scanning of Rock City Business Complex National Archives & Records Administration/National Personnel Records Center Annex II | Valmeyer, IL