At TWM, we can make the job of managing your pavement easier. With a pavement management system, the most vulnerable sections within your roadway network can be identified. Our team can then recommend the most optimal, cost-effective treatment based on your pavement maintenance budget.


Our pavement management services include creating pavement inventory, sectioning, sampling, field inspection, pavement evaluation and ranking, data analysis, and reporting. With the combined knowledge of our experienced staff and by using the latest data collection technology, our team can put together a pavement management plan that’s ideal for your needs. A pavement management system evaluates the current condition of pavement based on standard rankings, eliminating the guesswork. It then provides data to optimize the use of your resources in ways that are both cost-effective and well-timed—so you keep the condition of your roads at the desired level of service and get the most out of your investment.

Mobile LiDAR Data Collection

Our team separates itself from the competition by offering state-of-the-art technology for data collection. Our mobile LiDAR unit not only detects the distresses in the pavement, but also collects topographic data while driving the streets at highway speeds. The use of mobile LiDAR ensures that all data is captured safely and efficiently, eliminating costly return trips to the site. Whether you have a few roads to manage or are maintaining hundreds of miles, the pavement management services provided by TWM are customized to reflect your needs and budget.

Mobile LiDAR Data Collection

GIS Integration

To better manage your assets, pavement inspections are integrated with a Geographic Information System (GIS) to show pavement areas and pertinent information regarding the assessment including pavement type and PCI rating. The pavement inventory can be created from a GIS database of the roadways, and the MicroPaver™ analysis results can be displayed in GIS format to integrate with your other assets. We offer a full range of GIS mapping services and our GIS staff currently maintain the enterprise databases and online environments of more than 20 local and regional municipalities as well as several transit districts, park districts, and County entities.

GIS Integration

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Our Work & Projects

Explore some of TWM’s pavement management projects that demonstrate our design expertise, technical knowledge, and comprehensive range of capabilities.

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Using Mobile LiDAR

Mobile LiDAR ensures that all data is captured efficiently, safely, and accurately. Data can be collected all 12 months of the year, which can be critical when needing to collect data in the winter months. To gather information, the mobile unit simply drives the posted speed limit, minimizing any inconvenience to the public. Generally, we anticipate having to drive each street twice to collect LiDAR data with downward facing pavement cameras. Wider streets may be driven in four passes to ensure sufficient coverage. TopoDOT and Leica MapFactory are the two software packages used to analyze pavement conditions from the LiDAR point clouds and calibrated imagery. Within TopoDOT, a series of tools for pavement analysis will allow our team to quickly and efficiently determine where road distresses exist and the severity, per ASTM D4633-11. TWM’s pavement management services provide:

  • Organized pavement inventory

  • Condition of pavement sections

  • Reasons for pavement distresses

  • Predicted conditions

  • Right time and level of treatment to maintain

  • Prioritization of projects

  • Work plan and budgeting for each FY

  • Multi-year planning

  • Recommended inspection frequency


  • Optimize maintenance and repair (M&R) for a specific budget

  • Identify the ideal budget required to keep the pavement at a desired condition

  • Predict the condition and new life span after a specific M&R operation

  • Optimize the frequency of inspections

  • Provide any other information based on individual needs


As a full-service engineering consultant, we provide a broad range of design projects and related services. Besides Pavement Management, we also focus on many other civil and structural services as well as geospatial services. With our depth of capabilities, we can deliver cost-effective solutions to meet any need or challenge.

Our transportation group provides safe, convenient, and economical solutions for roads, trails, and traffic management.

Our large structural group delivers innovative bridge designs and associated structures that are cost-effective, safe, easily constructible, and durable.

Our land development group provides complete civil engineering services, starting with conceptual plans and ending with project approval and construction.

Our water infrastructure group is devoted to the protection of our waters, environmental responsibilities, and designing innovative wastewater facilities.

 TWM specializes in handling these kinds of innovative designs, with benefits that expedite schedules, control costs, and allow for greater customization.

Our construction engineering staff ensure that engineering design skills are effectively translated into the actual construction of the project.

We provide robotic video inspections, flow monitoring, sewer testing for new construction, and push camera inspections for any size project.


That’s our company mission and our promise to you. Our success is built upon a solid reputation for getting the job done right. One thing we are particularly proud of is approximately 95% of TWM’s work comes from repeat business. We believe our resolution of challenges sets us apart, and based on our level of repeat business, we think our clients will agree.