TWM’s structural staff boasts extensive experience designing structures to stand the test of time. We are your trusted partner in designing and optimizing structures for a sustainable future. Our team provides comprehensive support across all phases of structural projects, including project scoping, conceptual planning with alternative solutions, preliminary design, final design and plan development, specifications, and estimates.


TWM structural engineers focus on delivering structures that are cost-effective, safe, easily constructible, and durable. Our blend of experience from preliminary design through design of construction works gives us a broad perspective. We have a detail-oriented staff who apply their knowledge to your specific project. We take great pride in our structures and their permanence.

Roadway Bridges

We assist with all phases of a bridge project including project scoping, conceptual planning with alternatives, preliminary design, hydraulics, and bridge layout to meet site constraints, final design and plans, specifications, and estimates.

Roadway Bridges

Pedestrian & Shared-Use Bridges

TWM’s engineers have unique expertise. While many engineers specify a pre-fabricated pedestrian truss designed by others, we have designed custom “signature” pedestrian bridges for clients.

Pedestrian & Shared-Use Bridges

Bridge Inspections & Load Ratings

TWM has designed comprehensive bridge inspection programs for clients who require robust methods for monitoring and maintaining bridges. Our team also performs bridge inspection and load rating services for rural and urban settings.

Bridge Inspections & Load Ratings

Value Engineering

We regularly work with contractors on projects to propose value engineering changes during construction to improve bridges without reducing their functionality, resulting in savings.

Value Engineering

Retaining Walls & Slope Stabilization

Our team specializes in retaining wall designs that prioritize both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Our slope stability design methods include adding a surface cover to slopes, installing drilled shafts for stabilization, excavating or regrading slope geometry, or using drainage to control groundwater.

Retaining Walls & Slope Stabilization

Industrial Structures

Each building functions differently, and our structural engineers have the insight, understanding, and expertise to provide custom solutions for any project size, including ports, platforms, chemical plants, underground structures, and more.

Industrial Structures

Wastewater Structures

Our structural design experience for wastewater includes concrete tanks, foundations, CMU buildings, platforms, walkways, retaining walls, and pipe bridges.

Wastewater Structures

Rail Bridges

Our team is dedicated to creating robust and cost-effective solutions that meet the unique challenges of the railroad industry. We have designed railroad bridges, temporary shoring adjacent to railroads, and permanent railroad retaining walls.

Rail Bridges

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Our Work & Projects

Explore some of TWM’s structural projects that demonstrate our design expertise, technical knowledge, and comprehensive range of capabilities.

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Construction Phase Engineering

Some of our most complicated and interesting structural design projects are construction phase projects. We assist contractors in developing methods of construction that accomplish the desired intent, do not cause damage to structures, and are safe. Our work as structural consultants to contractors focuses on the items that are unknown during design and frequently involves partial structures. Our objectives are to provide strength, stability, and serviceability for the steps required to demolish and construct bridges.


    • Bridge replacements – steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete superstructures, driven piles and drilled shafts, seismic design, and detailing

    • Industrial structure rehabilitation

    • Box culverts and wingwalls

    • Bridge deck and superstructure replacements

    • Bridge repair and rehabilitation

    • Bridge deck overlays

    • Bridge load ratings and bridge condition reports (BCR)

    • Bridge inspections – damage, load rating, NBIS, program development

    • Signature pedestrian bridges

    • Rails to trails conversion of old bridges

    • Pedestrian accommodations on roadway bridges

    • Curved girder and railroad erection plans and demolition plans

    • Temporary soil retention

    • Cofferdams and braced excavations

    • Jacking plans

    • Shoring/support

    • Formwork/Falsework

    • Accelerated bridge construction (ABC)

    • Value engineering change proposals (VECP)


    As a full-service engineering consultant, we provide a broad range of design projects and related services. Besides Structural, we also focus on many other civil and structural services as well as geospatial services. With our depth of capabilities, we can deliver cost-effective solutions to meet any need or challenge.

    Our transportation group focuses on the movement of people and goods – providing safe, convenient, and economical solutions for roads, trails, and traffic management.

    Our land development group provides complete civil engineering services, from conceptual plans to project approval and construction.

    Our water infrastructure group is devoted to the protection of our waters, environmental responsibilities, and designing innovative wastewater facilities.

    We use specialized tools that accurately evaluate and rank pavement to forecast both short- and long-term budgets for our government clients.

     TWM specializes in handling these kinds of innovative designs, with benefits that expedite schedules, control costs, and allow for greater customization.

    We provide robotic video inspections, flow monitoring, sewer testing for new construction, and push camera inspections for any size project.


    That’s our company mission and our promise to you. Our success is built upon a solid reputation for getting the job done right. One thing we are particularly proud of is approximately 95% of TWM’s work comes from repeat business. We believe our resolution of challenges sets us apart, and based on our level of repeat business, we think our clients will agree.