TWM is a recognized leader in water and wastewater engineering. Whether a client has questions about regulatory compliance, advancing technology or environmental responsibility, or aging infrastructure that’s in need of repair, rehabilitation, or replacement, TWM can help. Our approach to every project is focused on cost savings, sustainability, and long-term value.


Our firm provides facility planning and design services for a wide range of projects – meeting or exceeding EPA standards, NPDES permit limitations, and client demands for innovation, a balance between initial and life-cycle costs, and ease of operation and maintenance. We also conduct sewer and water main field inspections and testing.

We have implemented some of the newest technologies in our treatment plant designs. TWM designed one of the first Ultra-Violet light disinfection systems in the state of Illinois as one of the first Sequencing Batch Reactor treatments systems. Plans are underway for an Activated Granular Sludge plant, another one of the first systems in Illinois. All these technologies have required extensive work with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and many of these plant designs have been nominated for Plant of the Year.

We have similar expertise in the design of wastewater interceptors, collection systems, lift stations, the separation of combined sanitary and storm sewer systems (CSOs), water towers and water distribution systems, and in securing and managing grant and loan funding for our clients. With Class A Water operators as well as Class 1 Wastewater operators on staff, we help our clients navigate the potential minefields of regulatory compliance and project financing by tapping into the wisdom we have accumulated through decades of interaction with the federal, state, and local agencies governing environmental projects.

Storage & Distribution

TWM has completed scores of water infrastructure projects to ensure our communities have clean water available to drink. Coordinating with utilities and other institutional agencies as part of these projects is critical. Our most common projects involve replacements of aging main pipes with water, storm, and sanitary distribution systems. We also complete improvements to storage facilities such as water towers, ground storage tanks, and design of treatment facilities. In addition, our team helps clients navigate these projects from planning through construction and assist in obtaining funding, as needed.

Storage & Distribution


TWM offers facility planning and design services for a wide range of projects—with the focus on balancing regulatory requirements with innovation and ease of operation and maintenance. Our design experience includes gravity sewers, pump stations, and treatment plants of varying sizes and technologies. The majority of these projects also include the need for structural design, such as concrete tanks, foundations, CMU buildings, platforms, walkways, retaining walls, and pipe bridges. Always keeping abreast of innovations within the industry, TWM designed one of the first aerobic granular sludge systems in Illinois, which included IEPA approval of the system. Our staff also assists in securing and managing grant and loan funding for our clients.



TWM’s substantial experience and expertise in stormwater management helps protect at-risk areas while also providing homeowners and municipalities with homes, businesses, and recreation areas safe from the effects of flooding. Due to their environmental importance, waterways are heavily regulated by both State and Federal agencies. TWM has extensive experience in design regulations and will provide clients with a straightforward approach to obtaining any necessary permits prior to construction.


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Our Work & Projects

Explore some of TWM’s water/wastewater projects that demonstrate our design expertise, technical knowledge, and comprehensive range of capabilities.

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Stormwater Management

This specialty of civil engineering requires precise calculation in planning for the collection of rainwater from roofs, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces, and then channeling that flow into a facility designed to either detain or retain the stormwater, thereby averting upstream or downstream flooding. At TWM, we have designed storm sewer systems for both new projects and reconstructions. Our engineers have experience designing regional stormwater basins to effectively manage watersheds, have assisted municipal clients in the planning and implementation of annual inspection and maintenance programs, have re-designed systems that were undersized by others and causing localized flooding, and have provided expert witness testimony in cases where the causes of a flood were called into question. Our staff experience extends beyond the design phase to also include erosion control solutions, stormwater pollution prevention plans, and best management practices. We also conduct dam inspections, flood plain studies, bridge hydraulic analysis reports, and scour analysis.

  • FEMA/floodplain studies

  • GIS mapping

  • Hydraulic and hydrologic analysis

  • Stormwater management (BMPs)

  • Erosion and sediment control

  • NPDES permitting and regulatory compliance

  • Bridge scour analyses

  • Natural channel design and streambank stabilization

  • Construction management and inspection


  • Water mains and water towers

  • Water quality and water studies

  • Ground storage tanks

  • Water treatment facilities

  • Wells

  • Water reclamation/wastewater treatment facilities

  • Wastewater collection and conveyance

  • User charge rate studies

  • Lift stations, force mains, and facility planning

  • Inflow and infiltration (I/I) analysis/correction

  • Combined sewer overflow (CSO) long-term control plans

  • Sludge treatment and disposal

  • Enhanced nutrient removal upgrades

  • Storm sewers

  • Detention basins

  • Hydraulic modeling

  • Bioretention

  • Streambank stabilization


As a full-service engineering consultant, we provide a broad range of design projects and related services. Besides Water/Wastewater, we also focus on many other civil and structural services as well as geospatial services. With our depth of capabilities, we can deliver cost-effective solutions to meet any need or challenge.

Our transportation group provides safe, convenient, and economical solutions for roads, trails, and traffic management.

Our large structural group delivers innovative bridge designs and associated structures that are cost-effective, safe, easily constructible, and durable.

Our land development group provides complete civil engineering services, starting with conceptual plans and ending with project approval and construction.

We use specialized tools that accurately evaluate and rank pavement to forecast both short- and long-term budgets for our government clients.

 TWM specializes in handling these kinds of innovative designs, with benefits that expedite schedules, control costs, and allow for greater customization.

Our construction engineering staff ensure that engineering design skills are effectively translated into the actual construction of the project.

We provide robotic video inspections, flow monitoring, sewer testing for new construction, and push camera inspections for any size project.


That’s our company mission and our promise to you. Our success is built upon a solid reputation for getting the job done right. One thing we are particularly proud of is approximately 95% of TWM’s work comes from repeat business. We believe our resolution of challenges sets us apart, and based on our level of repeat business, we think our clients will agree.