TWM was contracted to provide a control network, tied to the site datum, and column centerlines to assist local contractors with stage upgrades at the St. Louis Muny, the country’s largest and oldest outdoor musical theatre. To increase the complexity of the project, the shell walls, near the stage edges, were curved in the “x” & “y” and the steel was to be installed at different angles than the walls. We had several meetings with the contractors and even performed a pilot project to show them how we could locate the position of the clips that hold the proposed steel along the curved wall. Utilizing terrestrial LiDAR, Cyclone software, and an aerial work platform, we were able to help get this project back on schedule. Our work on this project has since led to additional contracts with other contractors and in one of our last meetings, it was mentioned that this could not be done without TWM.

Scope of Work

  • Used LiDAR technology to solve issues

  • Solved problems other engineering/geospatial firms couldn’t resolve


St. Louis Muny


St. Louis, MO


  • Resolved complex issues through terrestrial LiDAR to get project back on schedule
  • Performed a pilot project that located position of clips that hold steel along a curved wall for successful installation


Engineered Layout
Terrestrial LiDAR