TWM Contributor: Josh Hoffmann

Date: October 2020

TWM Creates Standards for Data Collection Services

Solving problems is our passion. That core purpose is how TWM, as a firm and as individuals, approaches every challenge our clients may face. We find solutions effectively—so it works; efficiently—so it works well; and economically—so it works affordably.

One great example of how TWM provides added value to clients through as-built services is by creating a complete set of standards for data collection services. We did this for Ameren Illinois, a long-term and valued client for the past 15 years. One of our first jobs with Ameren was a six-mile topographic and boundary survey for a gas transmission near the Prairie State Energy Campus. We also provided layout and as-builts (not as we know them today) of the newly installed gas main. Additionally, we performed boundary surveys and created new easements and documents for individual parcels and regulator stations.

Ameren quickly took notice of our capabilities and began sending larger construction projects our way, which included providing layout and as-built surveys for their “exposure” projects. We provided red line drawings and a MicroStation drawing submittal for the gas main exposed in creeks and low-lying areas. In doing so, we realized that Ameren initially had a one-sheet document containing 20-year old standards that only addressed what was to be shown on the red line construction drawings. It wasn’t satisfying the different priorities that their Integrity, Construction, and Engineering groups needed to address during the construction process.

With TWM’s guidance and input, that outdated standard evolved when TWM started providing CAD record drawings and a GIS submittal 5 years ago. In a joint effort between Ameren and TWM, an internal Standard Operating Guideline was created based on the expectations and accuracy of the data collected for newly installed gas main and its appurtenances.

Now each group had a set of standards that documented their priorities—the Integrity group’s focus on the GIS submittal, the Construction group’s need for the red line submittal, and the Engineering group’s attention to the bill of materials and test stamp pages where quantities need to match what was submitted by the contractor and inspectors.

Shortly after this new set of standards emerged, TWM became a strategic partner with Ameren and began providing these services on a regular basis. Ameren then shifted their focus from the 1,000’ “exposure” projects to the much larger 10-15 mile projects encompassing the “exposure” projects.

By documenting the vital infrastructure elements of a project and adapting a clear set of standards that work for and across multiple company disciplines, utility and other water, petroleum, and natural gas companies will have this useful and accurate information that’s so important to ensure a successful project lifecycle. What can TWM do to help improve your company’s data collection methods?

Find out more about TWM’s Geospatial Utility Services.  

“TWM has been an outstanding partner for Ameren Illinois Gas Modernization Action Plan providing geospatial services to deliver traceable, verifiable, and complete records on critical gas pipeline infrastructure. TWM has also utilized new technologies to reduce engineering costs for construction plans … a refreshing and rewarding partnership.”

Paul Hardiek, PE, PMP, Manager
Project Management Team | Ameren Illinois

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