TWM Contributor: Serena Page, PE

Date: November 2020

Every Problem has a Solution. Every Solution Needs Execution.

Many of our clients have said TWM is exceptional at finding a solution when presented with a problem, and then being able to execute it efficiently and effectively. It takes teamwork and the right philosophy to achieve that mission. But it also means implementing key principles to get the job done successfully.

One of our clients, Metro Contract Services (MCS), offers a good example of how TWM solved a challenge. Metro Contract Services was one of the first mechanical services firms we have worked with on various projects and has been a valued client since 2012.

Our Client’s Challenge
One of the projects we recently worked on with MCS was located in Mendota, IL at the ADM facility. ADM had spouts for bucket elevators, which were failing due to the fact that round spouts were connecting to square shoots and, in some instances, held together with world renowned duct tape! ADM hired MCS to fabricate a solution to this problem. TWM stepped in to consult and figure out the best way this could be resolved.

TWM’s Solution-3D Laser Scanning
TWM used terrestrial scanners during a one-day site visit to collect millions of points per second of the various locations. This data was then used to create a point cloud and a model of each problem spout transition. The point cloud and model were then shared with MCS through a virtual meeting. TWM learned through that meeting that the best way to aid our client, and theirs, in this venture was to create fabrication drawings from the model, which could be used to create a one-piece, many-sided transition spout.

Executing the Solution
This part of the process is where putting key principles or fundamentals into practice is so important. At TWM, our team understands that simply finding a solution isn’t the end of the process, it’s knowing how to execute it that’s equally as important. We take pride in this recognition and in our ability to continue a legacy that began 74 years ago. Other engineering firms may use different methods, but at TWM we firmly believe that implementing the following key principles are absolutely essential for success:

  • We listen to our clients’ needs
  • We invest in innovative technology
  • We use the right tools for the right job
  • We employ experts who are passionate about solving problems

What can TWM do to solve and execute a challenge your company is facing?

Find out more about TWM’s Geospatial Services, including 3D laser scanning, mobile LiDAR, and reality capture services.

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