TWM Contributor: Robert DeConcini, PE

As we step into the promising horizon of 2024, our company is fueled with anticipation and continued momentum from last year’s successes. We are navigating our future by exploring new boundaries while celebrating the achievements and milestones that have shaped our journey to the present. Some of the key aspects we’re focusing on this year promise to keep us at the forefront of innovation and our mission to consistently provide Exceptional Service. Nothing Less.

Employee Well-Being & Professional Growth
We value each of our team members and remain committed to fostering a workplace that nurtures professional growth. Clear and open communication is paramount. By keeping our team informed and engaged, we ensure that everyone is part of the TWM journey. Integrating wellness programs, enhancing company benefits, and recruiting key hires as we grow remain top priorities in our initiatives and represent a holistic approach to how we acquire and retain talent. This is really a fundamental component of our corporate philosophy.

Office Moves & Renovations
Change is inevitable and we have embraced it! Transforming spaces was an organic evolution of our growth and innovation. To accommodate our expanding team and to continue positioning TWM for future success, it was necessary to move some branch offices and renovate others within our 11 locations. By facilitating creativity, fostering collaboration, and promoting communication, we were able to create workspaces and environments that empower our team to do their best work and embrace a new chapter of innovation. We look forward to sharing more about upcoming milestone updates and other sneak peeks as we progress through the phases of these exciting changes.

Securing Client Grants
Grant opportunities are valuable resources but require strategic planning, effective communication, and a deep understanding of a client’s needs, goals, and challenges. It’s a multi-faceted and dynamic process that’s both competitive and rewarding. We’re proud of the many grants we have successfully secured and keep securing for our clients and the ability to help them navigate and streamline the process to receive funding for their projects. Our goal is to continue building strong relationships and partnerships with our clients to achieve meaningful, positive change in our communities. As a fundamental stepping stone, grants play an integral part of a project’s financial process and unlock long-term impact.

Expansion of Services & Market Base
In an ever-evolving business landscape, adaptability is a strategic approach. We always assess our current service offerings and consider feedback from clients to guide us in identifying potential opportunities that align with our core competencies and values. Our team is geared up to adapt and thrive in rapidly growing regions and underserved business environments. We’re also committed to making a positive impact in new markets on a broader scale, including expanding into energy and industrial markets and adding leak detection services to our Water Infrastructure discipline. By remaining agile and responsive and investing in new technologies, we are better positioned to navigate a new era of achievements.

Overall, the economic trends in 2024 look encouraging within the engineering industry, from a rebounding housing market and declining interest rates to steady capital growth within certain infrastructure sectors, such as the multi-year Rebuild Illinois capital plan. We invite you to stay tuned to our initiatives and accomplishments as we embark on another exciting year that continues to shape our future. Together in solidarity and spirit, we are one TWM.

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