TWM Contributor: Serena Page, PE, PLS Peoria Branch Office Manager

TWM has established deep roots throughout the Metro-East area over the last 78 years, but has always believed in the power of expansion, innovation, and evolution. As a firm, we are continuously meeting the evolving needs of our clients and embracing changes that challenge the status quo. Today, we’re thrilled to share the success of our branch office in Peoria, a 5-year journey that has been shaped by some key milestones.

Exploring Options
Given our vigilance on emerging trends, customer needs, and untapped niches, TWM began evaluating possibilities for expanding our footprint beyond the St. Louis Metro region and opened our first office outside the region in Morton, Illinois in 2019.

Establishing Roots
As with any new initiative, TWM prepared a business plan with clear objectives. Company leadership met weekly to ensure collaboration among owners and define a shared vision of success. Risk assessment was one of our key focuses to quickly identify potential risks and uncertainties. While we understood there would be challenges, we wanted to be prepared to adapt if unforeseen circumstances evolved. Regardless of the hours spent assessing potential risk, nothing could have prepared us for the pandemic that reshaped our world. As if there are not enough challenges with opening a new office, doing so during the middle of a pandemic had us navigating through unchartered waters. Fortunately, the firm’s deep roots – established throughout the years – provided the necessary stability to keep us focused on success.

Nurturing Technology & Talent
As with any good business plan, regular reviews are a critical component of maintaining a successful plan. Throughout the years, TWM continued to build on our core values of providing exceptional service to our clients and becoming leaders in innovative and emerging technologies, such as aerial and mobile LiDAR services, to help meet the demands of our clients. Another critical component is having a solid understanding of the market in Central Illinois. During a time of extreme uncertainty, TWM was able to continuously add key/local staff to our team to help establish a more responsive and reliable structure with local clients. This office opened with seven geospatial project managers from our Swansea headquarters traveling on a rotating work schedule to six full-time local employees who are propelling our branch office forward.

Expanding Horizons
Over the past five years, our Peoria office has expanded well beyond our initial projections, both in capacity and revenue. In consideration of these notable achievements, we recognize that adding local staff and leveraging technology has played a major role. The true secret to our success is the unwavering determination of all the owners. TWM is 100% employee-owned and the support provided to new offices creates an amazing culture and helps establish a strong foundation when navigating change and challenges.

Looking Ahead
TWM continues to challenge the status quo and explore opportunities to expand our footprint beyond the St. Louis Metro region. Since opening our Peoria office, TWM has added five additional offices beyond the St. Louis Metro area, one in Decatur, IL, one in Columbia, MO, and three in middle and east Tennessee.

As we reflect on the journey of our Peoria branch office and plan for the future, we’re thankful for everyone who has contributed to its growth – our dedicated team, loyal clients, supportive Chamber members, and the local community.

The culture at TWM continues to be the driving force behind our success, a testament to the sense of ownership and commitment that makes all the difference when delivering on our promise of Exceptional Service. Nothing Less.

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