Pavement Management Systems

TWM has found implementing pavement management systems can help clients more efficiently and effectively manage their roadways. Maintaining pavement can consume a significant portion of governmental budgets. TWM has successfully aided government clients in this area by showing them how to use our proprietary PM system, which is a tool to evaluate and rank pavement in a systematic way so you have an accurate way of forecasting short- and long-term budgets.

The pavement ranking is determined by field inspection of distresses on both Asphalt Concrete (AC) and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) in accordance with ASTM D6433 Standards. The process of inspection could be as simple as a windshield survey or more in-depth like a detailed walk-through — or could even involve the use of vans equipped with specialized cameras that detect the pavement distresses from high-resolution images.

A PM system assists in decision making by prioritizing work based on the available budget and/or improvement goals. It can also help determine the budget required to keep your pavement at its current or desired level. The current and predicted conditions from planned repairs can be compared to evaluate the cost advantages and extended service life of the pavement. In other words, a PM system provides the answer to how much, when, and where to spend your dollars most effectively and efficiently.

TWM’s experienced staff uses MicroPAVERTM, a specialized pavement management software for creating inventory and analyzing data. We also use the specialized inspection program FieldInspectorTM for collecting the pavement distresses.  The program provides flexibility in adding and editing samples in the field and getting the instant PCI values for each inspected sample/section. It also generates error-free XML files ready to be imported into MicroPAVERTM for data analysis. With these tools, our staff can develop a system for your pavement inventory that will help identify economical preventive treatments and avoid costly repairs in the future. Our suggested solutions to your current or anticipated low-rated roadways are supported by systematic analysis, providing information you need to support your recommendations to your organization’s leaders and constituents. We can integrate your pavement inventory with a Geographic Information System (GIS) — either an existing database or one we create for you.

TWM works with you to make sure our PM systems services meet your needs at a reasonable price. The scale and level of detail can be adjusted to fit any budget, ranging from a spreadsheet and windshield inspection all the way to a comprehensive GIS-integrated asset management platform with state-of-the-art automated imaging survey—or any level in between. The goal of PM systems is to select the most cost-effective treatment at the right time for maximum possible benefits.

PM systems services can be expanded at any time to add to the pavement inventory or increase the level of detail as your budget allows. For more information, please request a consultation and we will be happy to discuss your pavement management needs of any scale.


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