Roadway Design

As municipal, state and federal agencies face upgrading America’s aging transportation network, the need for safe and efficient roadway designs has become more and more important.  TWM’s civil and structural engineering team is well versed in providing the level of documentation and coordination required to ensure roadway and other transportation projects are successfully completed on-schedule and on-budget while adhering to relevant regulations and standards. We understand the complex challenges that can arise during transportation projects and have a solid track record of delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Our roadway expertise includes designing over 65 miles of roadways in both urban and rural areas over the last 10 years:

  • Intersection design and realignment projects
  • Roadway widening and rehabilitation projects
  • New alignments
  • ADA-compliant pedestrian facilities
  • Right-of-way design
  • Streetscape design

Additionally, TWM offers assistance with traffic studies and intersection design studies, public meetings, grant writing, and negotiating land acquisition.

We offer Pavement Management services to help clients maintain roadways and parking lots efficiently. We have successfully enhanced our clients’ ability to budget properly for roadway rehabilitation and reconstruction projects and to forecast future budgetary requirements. It also helps them identify the sections of pavement most in need of repair so they can allocate funds to those areas first. For more information on this service, visit our Pavement Management page.

TWM, Inc. - Roadway Design


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