Traffic Engineering

Every thriving community has to plan for growth, and traffic engineering is a pivotal piece of the puzzle when it comes to supporting new businesses and residents with appropriate transportation infrastructure to ensure communities are livable and meet all the stakeholders’ needs. TWM’s planning professionals can help develop easily implementable solutions to sustain any size development or community. Additionally, TWM can tackle multi-use projects where residential, commercial, and retail traffic solutions are improved or implemented simultaneously.

Our process takes into consideration many factors, such as technical, socio-economic, and environmental elements. We have successfully partnered with both public agencies and private developers to seamlessly plan for new residential neighborhoods, hospitals, retail developments, industrial facilities, schools, and more. We have also assisted communities with infrastructure upgrades for pre-planned improvements.



  • Traffic Study and Analysis

    • Trip Generations

    • Intersection Capacity Analysis

    • Signal and Turn Lane Warrant Analysis

    • Narrative / Memo with Recommendations for Improvements

    • Traffic Distributions

  • Traffic Signal Optimization

  • Traffic Signal Synchronization and Coordination

  • Pre-Timed vs. Actuated Signals

  • Intersection Site Distance

  • Manual and Video Traffic Counts

  • Intersection Design Study / Geometric Details

    • Geometrics

    • Capacity Charts

    • Pavement Marking

    • Signage

    • Traffic Signal Mast Arms / Posts

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