Perform aerial LiDAR and orthophotography topographic mapping along a 23-mile corridor of the Lower San Joaquin River Valley.  To ensure the accuracy of the georeferenced aerial LiDAR and orthophotography, TWM established control monuments, in pairs, along the entire 23-mile route. All LiDAR data was properly classified following the ASPRS Standard LiDAR point Classes. Special attention was considered during the classification process due to the geographic nature of the dense vegetation of the project area. All imagery was processed and delivered to ensure a resolution less than 1.5”. 

Scope of Work

  • Aerial LiDAR

  • Static control network

  • Orthorectified photography


USACE St. Louis District


Stockton, CA


  • LiDAR data was used to help evaluate ways to improve the region’s level of flood protection


UAVs and Drones
Aerial LiDAR