As part of a larger federal contract, TWM performed planimetric and topographic surveys along with utility surveys on approximately 46.4 acres of land in East St. Louis, IL, bordering the Mississippi River. The survey was requested to assist with the completion of the plans and specifications for construction of a cut off wall from station 973 to 1015 for the Metro East Sanitation District levee system.

Scope of Work

  • Horizontal location of all utility markers, visible above ground utilities, and underground utilities

  • Verified vertical and horizontal (VVH’s) locations for any utility that crossed the proposed cutoff wall alignment

  • Identified all drainage structures on the survey by size, type, top of structure, direction of flow, and inverts

  • Located planimetric features such as roadway pavement edges, buildings, and drainage ditches


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis District


East St. Louis, IL


  • Established new benchmarks and control points to be used during construction


Land Surveying