The City of Washington, similar to other municipalities, struggle with the lost revenue due to loss of water throughout their distribution systems. Throughout their 150 miles of water mains they were showing upwards of 20% water losses. TWM worked with City staff to survey a portion of the system, starting with the oldest areas of town. Within the month of survey, TWM located approximately 30 leak locations ranging from service line leaks to water main breaks. Two of the main breaks were suggested to be dug and fixed quickly due to their estimated water loss per minute. In addition to these locations, 30 other locations were identified as locations to be monitored. Results were delivered in the form of a GIS database identifying the location of the leaks as they relate to valves in the system to be located later.

Scope of Work

  • Metallic pipe leak detection

  • Plastic pipe leak detection


City of Washington, IL


Washington, IL


  • Quickly located 30 leak locations to be fixed or monitored
  • Client realized cost savings before additional lost revenue


Inspections & Testing
Water & Wastewater